How to spend an afternoon in York.

A few weeks ago Tom and I headed over to the bustling city centre of York for a special Filmore and Union picnic in the park...


Making summer memories last.

Right now I'm sat in a rather fabulous spanish hotel room watching the rain pour down outside, so for the sake of nostalgia here's how I spent the last day of summer back home in blighty...


6 ways to stay calm whilst travelling.

Flying can make the bravest person anxious, either because you're doing it alone for the first time, it's a longer trip than you're used to, or maybe you've never flown before. Far from being something to get embarrassed over, here are my top tips for staying calm whilst in the sky...


Tres L.A.

Okay, so I may not actually look like someone from L.A (for starters I'm wearing a coat, albeit a light one) however I do think my style of effortless dressing is developing nicely, starting with this outfit...


East Coast adventure.

The sugared butterfly, Helmsley / On top of the world

Tranquility / Duvet deja vu
 A running jump / Vegan gelato twins
After all the love my last instagram roundup received, I thought I ought to do another; this time of a recent road trip for some fitness and family fun over on the East Coast...


Where to eat in London, part 1.

As a huge lover of food, making the most of what we ate was obviously one of my priorities whilst down south the other month; so here's part one of my guide to everything scrumptious in London... you can thank me later!


How to pamper yourself when in a rush.

I'd always presumed that finding time to pamper myself during an extremely busy week would be a near impossibility, that was until I discovered these products...


New York photo diary, part 3.

The third instalment of my explorations in New York, spent living like a New Yorker in the trendy suburb of West Village...
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